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Danny West, the Wolf of Dubai each week broadcast Tesla Sundays on You Tube. presents Danny’s analysts and opinions about Tesla’s stock performance and company business information.

Providing Tesla, Inc. financial and business information updates and analysts each Sunday.                    Website: was design as a entertainment production company focused presenting new technologies to the world created by global technology companies and how such technology could be deployed locally. 

Presenting historical Nikola Tesla films and Tesla car and solar company videos and information  Website: 

Telling the story of Nikola Tesla and linking millions of Tesla car enthusiasts, owners, buyers and home Tesla Solar home owners to a single location where everything Tesla can be studied, discuss and reviewed daily.

Linking Nikola Tesla fans, Tesla Car and Tesla Solar home enthusiasts and owners interact globally on all Tesla topics.            Website: 

Telling the story of Nikola Tesla and linking millions of enthusiasts, Tesla car owners, buyers and Solar home owners to a single location where everything Tesla; apparel, accessories, historical items and books can be studied, discuss and purchased. What Fun!

Match your Nikola Tesla Steam look, Tesla car, house and be the envy of all your friends with your Tesla gear and apparel        Website: 

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Accessories for all model Tesla as they arrive in your garage. The coolest stuff and great designs are coming your way. Phone charging to other great apparatus.

Accessories that will make your Tesla Models S, E, X, Y       Website:

Let everyone know your thoughts about the story of Nikola Tesla and link to millions of Tesla car and Solar home enthusiasts, owners and buyers at one global blog.

Linking Nikola Tesla fans and Tesla car and Tesla Solar home owners to the global Tesla blog.  Website: 

In 1900 Tesla discovered an interesting phenomenon when at distance he was able to transfer electricity through air wireless.  Wireless charging has no become a reality with many companies working to make homes wireless throughout the world. Soon we will enjoy no power cords anywhere in our homes connections to appliances, computers, personal electronics and more.

Wireless power is available now to charge your electric car, phone and other electronics. Find out more..                                      Website: 

Nikola Tesla invented hundreds of patents that have changed the world for all time and will provides with so many improvements in energy and space transportation. Tesla, Inc. and Elon Musk have continued to expand on many of the inventions of Nikola Tesla while forging new ideas and inventions for battery technology and much more. Add your name to the creators of the past and current world of invention.

Review hundreds of Nikola Tesla  and Tesla. Inc. patents to fully understand what they mean. Website: 

Automotive Con't

Looking for a used Tesla S, E, X look no further Tesla Friends allows owners and dealers to list their Tesla models for sale on the global used Tesla website.

Find any Tesla model for sale on this used Tesla car website.      Website: 

Want to know anything about your Tesla car, Solar system or even who was Tesla, that is Nikola Tesla and what did he do and why is Tesla, Inc. named after him? Everything you want to know about Tesla.

Find the answers for Nikola Tesla and Tesla, Inc. questions.  Website: 

Tesla will design and manufacture the best of the best electric bikes by 2022. You won’t be cool enough to just own a Tesla Car you can now own a Tesla EV Bike Wow… How Cool Is That!

Cool never stops with this new Tesla EV Bike living large.   Website: 

You have always wanted to buy a Tesla but they have always been a little and sometimes a lot out of reach financially. Look no more Tesla Buy finds great deals for all Tesla cars throughout the United States and presents them for sale with all of their features.

Find the best Tesla Deals on Tesla Buys. Get your Tesla.  Website: 


In 1929 Nikola Tesla invented and patent the first VTOL aircraft as a surprise to all on-lookers. Tesla engineering interest led the world in electronics inventing 3 Phase AC electric power generation and remote control to name two of the more than 2,000 patented invention he created. Little did Tesla or the world know at the time that once again he was constructing a path to the future on flight in a new way that would give birth to the VTOL aircraft industry that is just now beginning to show millions of commercial flights everyday from the back years of UAS launch pads. 

Tesla, VTOL Inc. will be the 1st MFG of light VTOL aircraft for fire fighting and first response. Website: 

Tesla Aero will become a series of FBOs nation wide that repair, operate and provide battery and charging facilities for the new hybrid electric and electric aircraft arriving over the next 10 years at local and large airports.

Tesla Aero will provide Hybrid and Electric light aircraft ground services nation wide.            Website: 

Tesla Flight Systems are designed for UAS out of visual range missions and daily commercial operations. With navigation and vehicle redundancies, UAS vehicles can fly and operate hundreds even thousands of miles from any control center on earth. With the adoption of Tesla AI UAS can operate autonomously with the pilot as a stand by operator.

Low-cost flight operations systems for UAS of all sizes for any mission.                          Website: 

Most major aircraft manufactures have stepped back from their earlier involvement in smaller commercial and military UAS that started in 2005. Tesla UAS has defined 5 specific information reconnaissance, data collection and micro cargo logistics aircraft that will have the ability to operate safely and securely in all weather conditions from 10ft to 1,500ft AGL. 

Tesla UAS are drones of various frame sizes to perform many missions.                                Website: 

Aviation Con't

Working in conjunction with JPL Tesla Drone is designing ARVs Aerial Remote Vehicles that will fly in thinner than earth air. Such UAS-ARVs will need to complete missions, recharge, land and hanger and perform all tacks required fully autonomous reporting back to earth findings and vehicle operations status and repair. 

Mars ARVs “Drones” of various sizes to fly hundreds of missions on the red planet.                          Website: 

In pursuit of the development and adoption of AI Artificial Intelligence for VTOL and Wind flight vehicles. Tesla Aerial Robotics is launching a flight intelligence mapping system that will use existing flight paths and attitudes as a foot print to autonomously calculate navigation rules that will have less need for the adoption of full lidar and radar in the 3 denominational airspace of UAS flight in the 10ft to 1,500ft AGL flight envelop.

The adoption of Hybrid AI Autonomous Flight Systems for multi-planet UAS-Drone      Website: 

Moving toward humankind’s trip to Mars opens the door to interstellar travel to other planets in our solar systems and travel to far off destinations in our Galaxy. To make such exploration possible all earth bound space travelers must first engage in the thought process of designing, engineering, social adoption, and creation of such vehicles that can travel at much higher speeds driven by power plants and systems that have not yet been invented. 

The Tesla Class Starship program is a platform where all people can interact from all corners of the earth and beyond to conceive vehicles and systems that can take Humankind to the near earth celestial regions of space and return us to our solar system safely.

Development of a Tesla Class Galaxy Starship can only be achieved through global interaction and engagement.  Website: 

The future of light aviation depends on energy systems of every design. The adoption of Solar Power Generation Systems have been proven as a stable resource for power to fly incredible distances without the use of ICE power plants. Tesla Solar Flight takes the idea and proven designs of Solar power generation systems and couples them with hybrid ICE systems to create the next level of  light aircraft for the world.

Solar Electric Hybrid light aircraft online design, engineer  and build platform.                               Website: 


By gamifying space travel, Tesla Arts VRI will design navigation for space travel by mapping our solar system creating 3D visual navigation VRI Virtual Reality Intelligence. Through VRI engineers will be able to create open space navigation environments that can be mapped in 3 dementions for later use in actual space missions to Mars and other planets in our solar system.

Gamify space travel to create  navigation software systems to travel to Mars.                      Website: 

The Tesla Awards are the official Tesla Foundation Awards that are presented to individuals, groups or companies that have been elected by their peers to be the recipient of the Tesla Award. Awards are given to the select few that have demonstrated the attributes projected during his lifetime. Care and consideration for the weak and poor, the capacity to overcome incredible diversity and the never ending mind of invention.

The Tesla Awards presented locally and respected globally.   Website: 

Unbeknown to the world, in 1856 the human race entered the Tesla AGE. Unlike all periods before this time humanity would be responsible for inventions and ideas that would last for a million years into the future and alter the ways that humankind would live, play and exist on Earth, Mars, the Moon and beyond. Until this time thought and invention was restricted to the physical world of longitude and latitude and couldn’t dream of a world of automation and multi-denominational existence.  Tesla many visions of telautomatics, wireless communication and AC current to power it all where not only ground breaking for the time but establish a future that could be created on the backs of his evergreen inventions.

Understanding how you fit in the Tesla AGE today and how will you fit in the next 100 years.         Website: 

The Tesla Gallery is a platform for the exchange of ideas to develop a product, service or system for any category. Drawing on the past 130 years to current day the Tesla Gallery will index all of the important inventions by Nikola Tesla and Tesla Inc. to provide knowledge of the past and a direction for the future. This is a platform for users to add their important ideas and inventions too so that they, the inventor, can collaborate with other inventors, designers, creatives, engineers and people that have an understanding of the subject matter or who just want to participate in the study or development.

Welcome all people to the Gallery of ideas and invention from all users of the Tesla Gallery platform.                               Website: 



Not a native to California, Nikola Tesla never visited any state west of Colorado but the AC system he patent was incorporated in every city and every town throughout the west and around the globe. The Tesla XPO presents products not created directly by Nikola Tesla of 100 years earlier but by inventors and creators of our time. The Tesla XPO brings light to  products stimulated by Tesla more than 100 years before.  The Tesla XPO as in other Tesla based programs and business, functions as a link for visitors, inventors and creators to develop their idea, invention or dream into a living product, service or system.

Come and see, learn and create at the Tesla XPO the living think tank to advance your ideas.        Website: 

In 1893 Tesla led the Chicago World’s Fair with the first ever generation of AC current that provided enough electricity to light and power the 20 thousand acres of the facility. The Tesla Experience tells this an other stories about Tesla need to present technology through entertainment so to not frighten the audience and still educate the world about his many inventions and what they would do for everyone. The Tesla Experience is a education and entertainment event that allows the viewer to become immersed in the technology world of past to current day technological triumphs  through words of none other than Nikola Tesla himself. The Experience features inventors current and future Tesla robotic animatrons.

The Tesla Experience is a theatrical production which combines invention history to its current use.                            Website: 

Tesla Innovators was created for the highest level of thought and invention for those people that add value to society though the advancement of technology and its applications. Join the group and present your ideas where other top tier professionals can review and discuss how Tesla Innovators might help you to achieve your important goals.  

Present your business idea or design to professional for review and valuation.                         Website: 

The Tesla Exhibit is a traveling display highlighting the history of Nikola Tesla’s many important inventions and what he has brought to the current world and the future of humankind. The Tesla Exhibit supports and presents the Tesla Car, Solar, Battery and Technology Company so that all people that see the Tesla Exhibit will learn what Nikola Tesla and Elon Musk have achieved.

Linking Nikola Tesla fans and Tesla car and Tesla Solar home owners.                                  Website: 


There’s is a need for a voice to represent and aid small business when they are trying to present information to other companies, local government, banks, etc. Businesses are created by people that are typically very good at what they do and that’s why they started a business or why they want to start a business. Annually, 50% of all new startup businesses close within the first 6 to 9 months after their launch. The Tesla Consultancy wants to reduce this percentage by helping young and old companies to survive and thrive by providing support in areas where accountants, lawyers and banks can’t and don’t specialize “Business and Product Strategy”

Let Tesla Consultants help you and your business make profit so you never have to look back.  Website: 

Tesla LLC was conceived as a business to provide Tesla Energy retail products such as solar panels, batteries pack for homes and other sustainable consumer energy production products and services.

Global supplier of consumer electric power generation products.                              Website: 

As the world moves forward with Green New Deal like energy programs a hybrid off-grid localized power generation solutions will become key in creating a sustainable world of the future. The Tesla Corporation was created as a national corporation that franchises “electric systems” to already existing local “Electric Company’s that provide electric contracting service to their local communities such as wiring and rewiring homes and commercial buildings.

A national chain of electricians that are certified to install and service various types of solar generation and power storage systems.                                Website: 

Tesla Systems Group designs, develops and distributes Solar generation and energy storage equipment and systems. This equipment is distributed to electricians and alike across the United States to install and service residential and commercial locations.

Electrical engineering and development of Solar, Battery Storage and Energy Management Systems.                               Website: 

Personal Electronics

In the 1950s in Serbia a company was created under the brand name of Tesla. Today there exists a new company started in 2014 branded Tesla once again. This company how ever purchases and distributes appliances from a Chinese company manufactured under several names for other markets other than the United States.  Tesla Appliances was created to sell and distribute same such products in the United States under the Tesla brand. 

Sales and distribution of Tesla branded appliances in the United States.                                      Website: 

In the largest market in the world for monitors and televisions Tesla Televisions and monitors will find a strong demand for such same products in the United States.

Tesla Televisions will be sold and distributed in the United States along side of Tesla Appliances/    Website: 

Tesla Telco will become the world’s only licensee of the Space X communication constellation network Starlink. Tesla Telco will provide service initially and specifically for Tesla Mobile providing true global connectivity.

The world’s first global telco providing mobile and internet connectivity.                            Website: 

Tesla Mobile like no other mobile phone can be used anywhere on earth 24/7 with no down time or lost connection. Tesla Mobile cell phones are connected to the Space X telecommunications network Starlink..

Tesla Mobile, always connected anywhere on earth and up to 80 feet above the earth.                Website: 

Film and Television

There are many films about Nikola Tesla and Tesla Motors and now Tesla, Inc. Tesla Products was created to produce films and video programming for entertainment, education and knowledge about Tesla, the brilliant scientist, inventor and visionary and Tesla the car, technology, solar and battery power storage company. These productions are used and would be created and produced for schools, museums, events, the internet distribution and a cadre of other points of locations for viewing.

Producing Tesla and other technology based films and videos for global use and viewing. Website: 

Tesla Film Studio is the world’s first remote “Digital Film Production Software” that allows anyone to professionally produce their own film by the use of all digital sets and props. In a Tesla Digital environment there are no cameras, sets, actors, propos or anything from the phyical real world its all created digitally and used as needed from CAD graphic files. Digital actors and avatars  can be used costumes and sets created from anytime period historical, current or future.

The new total digital film production environment where everything including actors are created digitally as a file.    Website: 

With the exponential growth of “Podcast Programming” The Nikola Tesla Company that created and patent wireless broadcast in 1895 has been resurrected or at least the brand and idea has been brought to life to create the “Network of Networks delivering audio, video, podcasts of audio, video programming around the world with the highest quality and bandwidth. Over the next 5 years it is the Tesla Foundation’s goal to provide and deliver millions of programs of all and any type anywhere in the world and in any language.

Nikola Tesla Company was the inventor of wireless broadcast and now is relaunching the Network of Networks after more that 100 years.                                    Website: 

Set top box’s STPs will for the next 10-20 years be a fixture in homes and commercial locations around the world. Tesla Cable will become one of the providers for Starlink internet network installing, configuring and servicing Starlink, Apple TV and other hardware systems needed to provide super connectivity.

Installation and service of the next generation hardware for G5 supper networks.                         Website: 


Telautomation is a term that Nikola Tesla created in the late 1890s to explain the use of broadcast frequencies received by an electronic apparatus  to perform operations on demand. Today we call it remote control and the mechanical function is preformed by a robot.  Tesla Robotics following Nikola Tesla vision will become the world leader in Robotics for all uses in all applications including mechanized life. 

Robotics were invented by Nikola Tesla in the late 1890s and will become the leader in Robotics.      Website: 

In 1897 Nikola Tesla patent  and developed the world’s first remote control vehicle and system. Though the American military and the US government had no idea what to do with such a tool Wireless “Remote Control Systems” have become a part of everyday life. The reality of Nikola Tesla’s wireless communications patent has changed life on earth and in space as no other invention has done. Tesla Control Systems plays a continuing role in the development and deployment of such control systems for aerial robotics, home electronics and security, space travel and thousands of applications residential, commercial and industrial.

Design, development, installation and service of Remote Control Systems. Website: 

The global Data Economy will be managed by financial institutions such as banks and the value and security of data become very important to the flow of live on earth and in our solar system. Tesla Data Bank becomes the first Data Logic Center to analyze and bank data to be accounted for and packaged for sale. The 2 principal functions of the Tesla Data Bank will be (1) to establish Data Bank accounts for customers wishing to deposit for security their data collected or produced, and (2) subscribe to the brokerage services to sale or used their data as equity for loans and other financial instruments.

A digital secure location where “Depositors” can open an account and store data.                    Website: 

In the near future the value of data will find new levels of value replace some currencies  depending on the use of the data and the demand of the market for its applications. Some generic data will become commodities holding little value as yet other data will be come sought after for is highly need use and adoption for some important applications. Tesla Digital is an organization that will establish global value, encrypt and create data lakes where such data can be valued be fore client deposit it, sale it or use it for their own needs.

The future of global currency and the replacement for crypto and fiat will be data.                           Website: 


After researching the interest from Tesla car owners and Nikola Tesla enthusiast it was revield that more than 68% of those surveyed wanted or would like to have a email address as a secondary address and 41% wanted it as a primary email address. Additionally, all respondents would like to have special features that they could turn off and on if they wanted more services.

Thousand of people can now finely have a email address.                                Website: 

In the mid 1980s MTV developed and introduced a television host with a video digitized-like character named Max Headroom. Max was the world’s first influencer lasting 30 years on television from 1985 to 2015. As Max was the voice for Gen X and Gen Y, TMEC will be the voice for the end of the Millennial generation leading into GEN Z and all of Generation Alpha born after 2010. The Tesla Influencer “TMEC” will take advantage of all digital technology following and engaging with all people in all languages as their friend, teacher, all information source and verbal search engine for everything question. The first ever total AI friend and later in 2025 the birth of TMEC as a life-like animatron, PERSONAL ROBOT HUMANOID.

TMEC, all knowledge, best friend, total AI, advanced learning, used and shared by all people, a Tesla Humanoid.                           Website: 

For years inventors don’t know the next steps to get the invention seen and adopted by a company, the government or investors in their business idea, product or service. The Tesla Foundation found that college and university professors didn’t even understand how they could market or even have some one, anyone review their invention. Tesla Invention is a private index of ideas, designs, trade markets, inventions and patent abstracts, etc where you can safely add your information about you product, service or system and share it with only those companies or individuals that you have vetted.

Add your idea, invention or service to the world’s largest secure invention index.                   Website: 

With the changes in the political direction in both parties and their inability to resolve rule of law and pass legislation, a new party needs to be formed and added to the voting rolls. The Technocratic Party. A political party actually run by the people and for the people with total transparency and direct highly secure public voting for each bill or law presented by state representative. Technology would be used 100% to resolve any and all communication with the true voters in America, the public.

Technology to allow the public to vote for every and all laws and bills.                                       Website: 


Many years have past between the advent of new comic book publishers over the past 20 years. Tesla Comics is the first innovative true cross media product that is is mounted on an internet platform that allows its reader to read and then view video that is of the same subject not all poor animation or video but high quality story line following the Tesla Comic publication. 

Tesla Comics deliver true multi denominational media episodes in each digital release.            Website: 

Tesla Deathray animated series find each episode looking for the secret of Nikola Tesla’s Deathray a weapon so powerful the Tesla felt it would truly end of all wars because it use would be so devastating that nothing would survive once it was deployed. The Tesla Team are a group of Super Heroes that must keep the plans of such a weapon from falling into the wrong hands creating a diversion that will ensure know one discovers the plan’s location.

The best animation series of a world gone crazy with leaders chasing the most powerful weapon of destruction. .       Website: 

Tesla Studios was created to produce the most correct and could be true television Sci Fi programming ever written. Let us watch the future world of the global Technocratic party that levels the playing field between all global voting parties on earth and off earth by the use of the most sophisticated voting technology systems impossible to de-encrypt or is it.

The future of the world depends on technology when the power of the universe is equal.              Website: 

The world is driven by millions of entrepreneurs with dreams and schemes for the next big deal if they can just find a partner to do most of the work because its their idea. This weekly YouTube video series is a television broadcast quality program that keeps the viewer thinking that they too have the next great invention and idea.

The next big idea can make its inventor and maybe partners richer than their wildest dreams. Website: 


Don’t down 16oz-21oz of sugar get Energy out of what you drink. Tesla Energy Drink does not taste like sugar mixed with water that leaves you more thirsty than you were before you drank it. Tesla Energy quenches your thrust and tastes really great and doesn’t leave your month super dry you know what we’re talking about.


Tesla Energy was formulated for creative people that program, websites, software, compete on ESports and others             Website: 

The Tesla Sunglass frames are a Lightweight Titanium Sunglasses w/ Polarized Lenses. Porsche Design starting in the early 1980s proved that a high quality sunglass line could sell for more than $250 at the time equivalent to $1,000 today. Tesla Optical has design four different frames the S, X, Y and E. All frames are ophthalmic and can carry most prescriptions.


Tesla Sunglasses are some of the highest quality and coolest glasses for anyone to ware.    Website: 

Telling the story of Nikola Tesla and linking millions of enthusiasts, Tesla car owners, buyers and Solar home owners to a single location where everything Tesla; apparel, accessories, historical items and books can be studied, discuss and purchased. What Fun!

Match your Nikola Tesla Steam look, Tesla car, house and be the envy of all your friends with your Tesla gear and apparel        Website: 

Tesla Watch Company presents a modern mechanism with a rare and vintage feel. Such like designs are found in many immortal time pieces produced in the past 2oo hundred years and have become collectors pieces never to return to public view again. The Tesla Watch Company now makes it possible for you to own such timeless treasures adorn with the Nikola Tesla name and brand as no other watch in the world today.  

Celebrate what few have seen and less own. The Nikola Tesla time piece collection for men and women.                                 Website: 


Smart Toys make smart kids. Tesla Toys are designed for problem solving by moving a child’s  routine of discovery through failure and success. Things break so the child gets to find his or her core competency quickly and resulting in receiving the award and gift of success that they have earned.

Smart Toys make smart kids building confidence through exploration and success.             Website: 

Electronic games have always delivered the satisfaction of winning. What if there were a game that delivered a real world outcome based on the players performance.  Today and into the immediate future and beyond scientist, skilled technicians, managers, designers, etc are no longer confirmed to a station and/or a position in life or position of employment. Many companies do not require degrees or college or university credit as a perquisite to employment. Its now more about who you are, what the job is, how you fit and what are your personal goals. The Tesla Game tests your skill sets through several personal, technical, professional and business paths. The final out come of process is to see how he or she fair in a virtual world that equates to the real world.

The Tesla Game delivers on real world performance and not on entitlement or university degree. Website: 

This laser play gun is designed for fast action in doors or outside hunting and multi-player game environments. The Tesla Raygun links to a digital players screen that allows for real world activities while digital play is incorporated. The real world and digital playing field makes the Tesla Raygun like no other electronic game on earth on in the universe.

The Tesla Raygun links the virtual and physical world of gaming.                                                       Website: 

Tesla Bots are the next level in robotics that will help bring forward the development of advanced robotics that can only be advanced by passionate individuals deeply interested in the field of robotics. Tesla Bots provide the most advanced starting systems with new releases as they become available.

Smart Toys make smart kids building confidence through exploration and success.             Website: 


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Tesla Foundation, Inc.

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Let the Tesla Foundation help you start and build an Amazing COMPANY

The Tesla Foundation its  companies and brands are not affiliated with Tesla, Inc. It is neither inferred nor implied that brands, businesses and products presented here are authorized by or in any way connected to Tesla, Inc. 

The eidl

COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loans
In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, small business owners, including agricultural businesses, and nonprofit organizations in all U.S. states, Washington D.C., and territories can apply for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan. The EIDL program is designed to provide economic relief to businesses that are currently experiencing a temporary loss of revenue due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 EIDL Loans


To meet financial obligations and operating expenses that could have been met had the disaster not occurred


3.75% for businesses (fixed) 2.75% for nonprofits (fixed) 30 years

No pre-payment penalty or fees USE OF PROCEEDS

Working capital & normal operating expenses Example: continuation of health care benefits, rent, utilities, fixed debt payments. COLLATERAL REQUIREMENTS Required for loans over $25,000 SBA uses a general security agreement (UCC) designating business assets as collateral, e.g. machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures, etc. FORGIVABLE NO – EIDL Loan YES – EIDL Advance* *Advance funds have been fully allocated and are not currently available


30 years


Deferred 1 year; interest still accrues Borrower may make payments if they choose to do so.

Set up online payments through OR mail payments to:

U.S. Small Business Administration 721 19th Street Denver, CO 80202

Be sure to include EIDL loan number on mailed-in checks.

Business Development Managers and programs

Active Loan, Grant and Services Programs


$ 1,500
  • 25%
    of all sales


$ 1,500
  • 25%
    of all sales


$ 1,500
  • 20%
    of all sales


$ 15,000
  • 25%
    of all sales

Stock Sale
Cash Out

$ 50,000
  • 25%
    of all sales

We need to create perfect partnerships with our clients

Regional Managers reach out to as many locations as possible where you may find people that need funding to operate or grow their business. The Tesla Foundation is in business to help keep small business owners in business and give them answers to questions that they have.

Here are some locations where you can find people that need help running and funding their business:

  • Local Business
  • Kick
  • Domain Sales Companies
  • Hosting and Domain Sales Companies
  • Investment Banks, Groups and Companies
  • Everyone that Received a PPP and EIDL Loan
  • Small Business In Each and Every Town and City

The PPP Payroll Protection Program

Tax law definitions do not apply to much of the Payroll Protection Program (PPP), making it new ground for owners of S corporations. Here are answers to four questions of concern to many S corporation owners.

1. Spouse Owns S Corporation

Question. My wife owns 100 percent of the S corporation. She has a full-time job and does no work for the S corporation. I am the sole worker in the S corporation.

Am I treated as 

  • a “non-owner employee” of the S corporation or

  • an “owner-employee” subject to the limits?

Answer. The PPP guidance does not address the situation you describe. From what we know, you are a non-owner employee, which means you are not stuck with the owner-employee limits.

In tax law, you would have to consider “attribution rules” that would make you own what your wife owns because of your marital relationship. (Yes, in tax law you both would own 100 percent.)

But the PPP guidance to date contains no such rules.

According to the latest from the SBA, you may rely on the laws, rules, and guidance available at the time of your PPP loan application. As we write, the latest guidance is from over a month ago, on June 25, 2020.

2. S Corporation Owner-Employee with No W-2

Question. I submitted my PPP loan application before the guidance disallowing independent contractor payments was published. And at the time of submission, I had not yet started paying myself a salary.

Now I have the PPP money from the bank but cannot get it forgiven through contractor payments. If I pay myself on a W-2, I lack the look-back period of 2019 payroll.

Am I out of luck? Should I go on payroll and hope for the best?

Answer. Under the rules, you are out of luck. Your loan forgiveness is based on the lower of your 2019 W-2 (zero) or your 2020 W-2.

3. S Corporation Loan Based on K-1

Question. I operate my business as an S corporation with two W-2 employees other than me (I don’t receive a W-2). I applied for the PPP loan and obtained it based on my K-1.

A few weeks later the lender told me that the money I received was not available to be forgiven. It’s just not fair. My profit is my income.

Is there any workaround for this?

Answer. No—no workaround. But in your case, likely no PPP loan forgiveness problem either.

But first, let’s think about taxes. You operate as an S corporation, and you take no salary. (That’s incorrect and likely a tax problem if the IRS audits your tax return.)

Now, let’s get to the PPP. Your lender granted you the PPP loan based on the K-1 and ignored your employees. That shows how confusing the PPP has been. But let’s ignore the right and wrong of that and get to the heart of the issue. Can you obtain forgiveness?

Yes, your S corporation’s forgiveness begins with what you pay your W-2 employees during the 24-week covered period including what you pay in health insurance and retirement on their behalf.

In addition, you may include some or all of your payments for business interest, rent, and utilities during the 24 weeks beginning with receipt of the loan.

Example. Let’s say you received a $100,000 loan. If your payroll during the 24 weeks is $63,000 and the rent and utilities total $37,000, you would qualify for 100 percent forgiveness. If you achieve this in 20 weeks, you could apply for forgiveness then.

Observation. The fact that the lender based your loan on your profits is simply a mistake by the lender. It does not affect forgiveness, which is based on your using the money for the intended PPP purposes such as payroll.

4. S Corporation with Home Office

Question. Your tax guidance for the S corporation owner is for the owner to use an expense report to submit home-office expenses to the business for reimbursement and classify the reimbursement in the tax return as an office expense.

The idea behind this guidance is to avoid the rental fiasco.

How would we classify this as mortgage interest and utilities under the PPP loan forgiveness guidelines? We have the same question for partnerships where it is claimed as an unreimbursed partner expense.

Answer. The reimbursed expense won’t work for the PPP, but here’s the solution. Choose the 24-week program and you will achieve full forgiveness with only the payroll in as little as 10.8 weeks.

If you have PPP forgiveness questions, please don’t hesitate to call me.