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It’s your dream and the Tesla Foundation is here to help you realize it. If you have a idea, a company that you have started or is a working company. Tesla Foundation is here to help you succeed. If you want to start a company but don’t really know what the next steps are to get it moving select from one of hundreds of carefully chosen domain names or a businesses here and get started on making your business dream a reality.


Durable Living Systems (DLS) supports the sales of the world’s only low-cost high technology integrated concrete foam modular manufactured living structures that can be assembled anywhere on earth and/or manufactured and assembled on site.

Low-cost, 80 year service life housing for low-income families and the homeless.

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Primro8e, Inc. is the creator of Qmplete, the world’s wallet size credit card computer.  The Qmplete Card will change the way all transactions are done globally. Primro8e is integrating transaction technology software into it’s credit card size computer. the Qomplete Card, a “micro computer” that will become the only card in your wallet. Primro8e is now offering A round investment for a minimum of $10,000

First “Wallet Size Computer” to perform all transactions and replace credit cards

coming soon

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Every lady is unique in the way she dresses and the bag and personal items she carries that represents her. To assure that the Foree woman is unique and special in every way, Foree has invented the world’s first patent luxury hand bag. The Foree Luxury Bags have a secret not only beautiful of support a hidden patent pocket has added security and privacy.  

The Elegant Bag that keeps all of your important items safe, wallet, phone, etc.

coming soon

Website under construction

At a time where virus awareness requires excessive cleanliness and sanitation, healthy skin matters most. Now that you have to use sanitizers why not also take care of your skin with Virell the “Lotion and Soft Gel” hand and skin sanitizer. Virell is natural and made from cow’s milk one of the most natural substance on earth. FDA approved and available online and everywhere.

Made from Cow’s milk, Virell is the world’s natural hand lotion sanitizer.


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The Comfeet Blanket was created by the world famous product designer Eddy Pham. Comfeet is an amazing blanket that not only keeps your feet and body warm, it also folds into a soft pillow. Comfeet is a product of Comfeet Products, LLC.. and is the  first of other personal comfort products to follow. Comfeet is ready to launch with starter inventory ready to ship.

From the designer of the Snuggie blanket the Comfeet Blanket with “Feet” is born, Stay Warm!


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) demand has seen a surge in the global market by 2.5 million%. In order to fulfill the rising tide of demand for PPE, PPE Sales are committed to providing products made from the finest materials to ensure optimum performance in protection, breath ability, and comfort of the user. We pride ourselves in dealing only with products that are authorized and/or registered with the FDA. 

The new norm is to “Sanitize” PPE is the immedite supplier for masks, gloves, spray and all products.

launched will become the largest Jeep sales online website in the next 2 years. Find here tens of thousands of new and used Jeep vehicles from dealers and private owners all over the United States. This is a great site to invest in, partner with or own. 

The online Jeep only dealership/Jeep Store for anyone that love Jeeps of all years and models.


We all know and love PORSCHE. Daily people from around the world own enjoy and drive them. and allows all enthusiasts, owners and admirers to find one another and talk sell and buy PORSCHE.

A car cult like never befor Porsche People-Friends love Porsche, talk about Porsche, have friends that love and own Porsche. Porsche Friends is a resource for all things Porsche.


Website under construction


UAVSA, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association was created in 2014 to meet the demand of the FAA requirements for UAS-Drone operators, flying Drones for commercial use in the US. In 2015 UAVSA staged the first Drone event in the US bringing together thousands of Drone enthusiasts. UAVSA now focuses on every aspect of  Drone flight from 0 AGL to 1,500 ft AGL.

The world’s #1 UAS Association working to develop membership knowledge in UAS design, engineering and flight systems. 

coming soon

Website under construction


Celebrity has always been a big draw but when you combine celebrity and garage it now delivers a new message and is in fact the name of a video series. is a $6,618 domain name and a series that will be worth millions of dollars. 

The next best reality show will be less about crazy people and more about the Ride, Celebrity Garage has it all fro start to finsh. How Cool!


Website under construction

logo-100- is built for the millions of people that love the 356 Porsche Speedster. Built from 1954 to 1957 when the 356 A 1500 GS Carrera GT Speedster the fastest production PORSCHE was unveiled. The site presents everything about the Speedster its life and legacy for enthusiasts, owners, buyers and sellers globally.

The love of the PORSCHE 356 Speedster has been never ending. The rebirth of the Speedster from the Boxster melds the great looks of the vintage 356 with the technology and reliability of today.


Website under construction


Hot Wheels has become an evergreen brand from its launch in the 1960s. Each year Matell introduces a new collection of the little die-cast cars that become destined to be another collectors release. In 2004 a new product was created that was designed to tell the story of how each of the Hot Wheels real vehicles came to be. Hot Wheels takes the model collector directly to the history associated with each model. Additionally, you can find the largest collection of rare Hot Wheels collector cars that are available from the membership through the website. Enjoy linking to all of the micro cars and the stories behind them.

A Hot Wheels collectors platform to enjoy collecting, communicating and watching accual car videos.


Website under construction


Operated as a retail new and used exotic car dealership in Malibu California and sold in 2009, Automotive Legends is now an online exotic and rare car retail website.  The site allows enthusiasts, owners and buyers to find one another and get the special car they are in search of. Owners post their cars for sale for all the world to see daily.

Reflecting the Malibu car collector and luxury lifestyle of Southern California living you will find it all here.


Website under construction


Today higher end automobiles can not be towed or serviced by unqualified garages. Malibu Auto is an executive service for owners of automobiles where service can only be provided by the vehicle’s franchise dealer. The service brings to it’s members a loaner car from their dealer picks up their car for service, drops off their car for service and collects it and returns it to the Malibu Auto Club member upon completion of service.

Your automobile, your lifestyle, your community, your home MALIBU.


Website under construction


Finding the style that reaches Malibu, Beverly Hills, Miami Beach and the urban communities that touch rich and not so famous people. From Wine to the latest crazed artist, Urban Styles online carries the best quality in background living and beach and sportswear from California and designers around the world.  

Find the highest luxury brands in the world at Urban Style of Malibu the online store to the celebrities.


Website under construction


The FORD Bronco truck has become an icon with the earlier models fetching as much as $100,000. With the relaunch of the Bronco for model year 2021 Bronco presents past and future models of this evergreen brand. Enthusiasts, owners and admirers can find Bronco meet ups, one another and buy and sell new and used Broncos. Additionally, FORD dealers can post their Bronco inventory directly in front of customers.

You thought it was gone for ever! The Bronco is back better than ever for 2021. Enjoy the online information and sales platform for the new Bronco.


Website under construction

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The eidl

COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loans
In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, small business owners, including agricultural businesses, and nonprofit organizations in all U.S. states, Washington D.C., and territories can apply for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan. The EIDL program is designed to provide economic relief to businesses that are currently experiencing a temporary loss of revenue due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 EIDL Loans


To meet financial obligations and operating expenses that could have been met had the disaster not occurred


3.75% for businesses (fixed) 2.75% for nonprofits (fixed) 30 years

No pre-payment penalty or fees USE OF PROCEEDS

Working capital & normal operating expenses Example: continuation of health care benefits, rent, utilities, fixed debt payments. COLLATERAL REQUIREMENTS Required for loans over $25,000 SBA uses a general security agreement (UCC) designating business assets as collateral, e.g. machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures, etc. FORGIVABLE NO – EIDL Loan YES – EIDL Advance* *Advance funds have been fully allocated and are not currently available


30 years


Deferred 1 year; interest still accrues Borrower may make payments if they choose to do so.

Set up online payments through OR mail payments to:

U.S. Small Business Administration 721 19th Street Denver, CO 80202

Be sure to include EIDL loan number on mailed-in checks.

Business Development Managers and programs

Active Loan, Grant and Services Programs


$ 1,500
  • 25%
    of all sales


$ 1,500
  • 25%
    of all sales


$ 1,500
  • 20%
    of all sales


$ 15,000
  • 25%
    of all sales

Stock Sale
Cash Out

$ 50,000
  • 25%
    of all sales

We need to create perfect partnerships with our clients

Regional Managers reach out to as many locations as possible where you may find people that need funding to operate or grow their business. The Tesla Foundation is in business to help keep small business owners in business and give them answers to questions that they have.

Here are some locations where you can find people that need help running and funding their business:

  • Local Business
  • Kick
  • Domain Sales Companies
  • Hosting and Domain Sales Companies
  • Investment Banks, Groups and Companies
  • Everyone that Received a PPP and EIDL Loan
  • Small Business In Each and Every Town and City

The PPP Payroll Protection Program

Tax law definitions do not apply to much of the Payroll Protection Program (PPP), making it new ground for owners of S corporations. Here are answers to four questions of concern to many S corporation owners.

1. Spouse Owns S Corporation

Question. My wife owns 100 percent of the S corporation. She has a full-time job and does no work for the S corporation. I am the sole worker in the S corporation.

Am I treated as 

  • a “non-owner employee” of the S corporation or

  • an “owner-employee” subject to the limits?

Answer. The PPP guidance does not address the situation you describe. From what we know, you are a non-owner employee, which means you are not stuck with the owner-employee limits.

In tax law, you would have to consider “attribution rules” that would make you own what your wife owns because of your marital relationship. (Yes, in tax law you both would own 100 percent.)

But the PPP guidance to date contains no such rules.

According to the latest from the SBA, you may rely on the laws, rules, and guidance available at the time of your PPP loan application. As we write, the latest guidance is from over a month ago, on June 25, 2020.

2. S Corporation Owner-Employee with No W-2

Question. I submitted my PPP loan application before the guidance disallowing independent contractor payments was published. And at the time of submission, I had not yet started paying myself a salary.

Now I have the PPP money from the bank but cannot get it forgiven through contractor payments. If I pay myself on a W-2, I lack the look-back period of 2019 payroll.

Am I out of luck? Should I go on payroll and hope for the best?

Answer. Under the rules, you are out of luck. Your loan forgiveness is based on the lower of your 2019 W-2 (zero) or your 2020 W-2.

3. S Corporation Loan Based on K-1

Question. I operate my business as an S corporation with two W-2 employees other than me (I don’t receive a W-2). I applied for the PPP loan and obtained it based on my K-1.

A few weeks later the lender told me that the money I received was not available to be forgiven. It’s just not fair. My profit is my income.

Is there any workaround for this?

Answer. No—no workaround. But in your case, likely no PPP loan forgiveness problem either.

But first, let’s think about taxes. You operate as an S corporation, and you take no salary. (That’s incorrect and likely a tax problem if the IRS audits your tax return.)

Now, let’s get to the PPP. Your lender granted you the PPP loan based on the K-1 and ignored your employees. That shows how confusing the PPP has been. But let’s ignore the right and wrong of that and get to the heart of the issue. Can you obtain forgiveness?

Yes, your S corporation’s forgiveness begins with what you pay your W-2 employees during the 24-week covered period including what you pay in health insurance and retirement on their behalf.

In addition, you may include some or all of your payments for business interest, rent, and utilities during the 24 weeks beginning with receipt of the loan.

Example. Let’s say you received a $100,000 loan. If your payroll during the 24 weeks is $63,000 and the rent and utilities total $37,000, you would qualify for 100 percent forgiveness. If you achieve this in 20 weeks, you could apply for forgiveness then.

Observation. The fact that the lender based your loan on your profits is simply a mistake by the lender. It does not affect forgiveness, which is based on your using the money for the intended PPP purposes such as payroll.

4. S Corporation with Home Office

Question. Your tax guidance for the S corporation owner is for the owner to use an expense report to submit home-office expenses to the business for reimbursement and classify the reimbursement in the tax return as an office expense.

The idea behind this guidance is to avoid the rental fiasco.

How would we classify this as mortgage interest and utilities under the PPP loan forgiveness guidelines? We have the same question for partnerships where it is claimed as an unreimbursed partner expense.

Answer. The reimbursed expense won’t work for the PPP, but here’s the solution. Choose the 24-week program and you will achieve full forgiveness with only the payroll in as little as 10.8 weeks.

If you have PPP forgiveness questions, please don’t hesitate to call me.